Nokia Reviews

Nokia hands on reviews, phone comparison, accessories and camera phone user reviews.

Nokia Smartphone Reviews

Nokia smartphone reviews.

Nokia N95 Review - The King!
Nokia N80 Review - This is one of Nokia's most feature rich phones.
Nokia 3250 Review - Can this phone replace an MP3 Player?

Nokia Business Phone Reviews

Nokia smartphone reviews.

Nokia E60 Review - A mid-range business phone.
Nokia E61 Review - Nokia´s Blackberry killer? WLAN, VoIP, 3G (UMTS).

Nokia Phone Reviews

Nokia Series 40 phone reviews.

Nokia 6103 Review - An affordable slider with a VGA camera.

Phone Accessory Reviews

Nokia cell phone accessories reviews.

Invicible Shield - Screen protection for cell phones.

Phone Guides, Tips & Tricks

Taking pictures with a camera phone - How to take better pictures with a cell phone.

Nice to Know & Funny

The Nokia Tune - The history of the Nokia Tune, Nokia's own ringtone.
Nokia Beer - Did you know there is a beer named after the town of Nokia?