Nokia wallpaper tutorial

Nokia Wallpapers 

To make wallpapers for your Nokia cell phones you only need a:
  • Image Editor
  • A solution for transfering the wallpaper to your phone
Image Editor
There are no specific cell phone Image editors. You can use any image editor that has the option to compress files. Cell phone memory is still quite small and uncompressed wallpapers (image files) are often unnecessary "heavy" (in kilobytes) for the cell phones.

File type
The best filing to use is JPEG - it doesn't use as much memory on your cell phone as the .gif format. Try to keep the files under 10 KB (compress the files)

More info about optimizing wallpapers.

Wallpaper size
The pixel size for Nokia wallpapers differ between models. Nokia series 40 phones wallpaper size is 128x128 and most Nokia Series 60 phones use 174x132 wallpapers. The Nokia 6630 wallpaper size is 174x144 pixels.

DPI resolution should be set to 72 dpi (not all image editors have this option).

The color capabilities of the Nokia phones differ from product to product. Typically, the screen is capable of producing thousands colors, however using a 256 colour palette saves memory.

Transfering wallpapers
First of all you need the appropriate software. The Nokia PC Suite is propably the best program for this. Anyway itīs free and comes with the cell phone (or can be downloaded from the nokia website).

To "send" or upload the wallpaper to your phone you need a connection between your PC and the phone. These are the options:
  • Data cable
  • Infrared (IR)
  • Bluetooth
  • Send with SMS
You can use a service like this to send wallpapers to your cell phone. Here´s some free wallpapers I made.