Nokia wallpapers

Nokia wallpapers or backgrounds are graphical images that appear on your Nokia when you use it. The idea of Nokia wallpapers is the same as for other Nokia graphics like themes, logos and screensavers they allow you to personalize your cell phone. Choose your country below.

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You can create your own free Nokia wallpapers from digital pictures. If you want to make Nokia wallpapers you need some knowledge of photo editing, a photo editor and a data cable. If you make a wallpaper from a digital picture the best filing to use is usually JPEG with low or medium resolution - it doesn't use as much memory on your phone as the .gif format. If you have a wallpaper with only a few colors (a logo etc.) it the .gif format might be a better filing format. Try to keep the wallpaper files under 10 KB. Always compress the files (the wallpaper should be compressed with some image editor. Uncompressed image files are not suitable as cell phone wallpapers).

The pixel size of the wallpapers differ between Nokia models. Nokia series 40 phones wallpaper size is 128x128 and most Nokia Series 60 phones use 174x132 wallpapers. The Nokia 6630 wallpaper size is 174x144 pixels.

Most new Nokias have a color display and you can change the custom wallpaper with a new Nokia color wallpaper. The color capabilities of the Nokia phones differ from product to product. Typically, the screen is capable of producing thousands colors, however using a 256 colour palette saves memory. See also wallpaper editor, wallpaper faq and free Nokia wallpapers.