Buying a Nokia Smartphone

A Nokia smartphone is a Nokia with "smart" capabilities, such as PDA (Personal digital assistant) functions. Smartphones are somewhat closer to a laptop computer than a cell phone. According to the Nokia definition Nokia smartphones are the Symbian-based mid-range to hign-end phones.

The key feature of a Nokia smartphone is that you can download and install additional applications and software to the phone. With a smartphone you can access email and Internet, synchronize your Nokia with your PC, listen to music, chat (instant messaging), and tailor your phone as you desire. There are thousands of applications available for Symbian smartphones. 3G, Wi-Fi access and video phone calls are also typical smartphone features.

If you spend time away from the office and need to sync or have access to your e-mail and appointments a smartphone is a good choise.

Note that the carriers plans for smartphones (with data usage, e-mail etc.) is more expensive than a regular family plan. Also, if the smartphone supports Wi-Fi access, check to see what Wi-Fi plans are available. Some offers monthly Wi-Fi plans, but you can always take advantage of free Wi-Fi hot spots.

  • Install application and software
  • Surf Internet
  • Read email
  • All in one (no need for PDA and phone)
  • Memory / MultiMediaCard (MMC) support
  • Price
  • Big
Nokia Symbian Smartphone
Nokia smartphones use the Symbian OS (operating system). Symbian OS is used by other cell phone manufacturers such as LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Siemens. Other smartphone operating systems are Symbian Palm OS (developed by PalmSource), Windows CE (developed by Microsoft), and Linux.

Symbian User Interface

Symbian is a operating system and the user interface or platform on the Nokia smartphones are called Series 60, 80 or 90 UIs (user interface).

Series 60 user interface
The S60 platform runs on top of the open Symbian OS operating system. A one-hand operated user interface for smartphones. The Nokia series 60 user interface has a large colour display of 176 x 206 pixels.

Series 80 user interface
The Series 80 UI is a two-hand operated user interface with colour screen and space for different types of applications. The Nokia 9200 Communicator series represents the standard series 80 product, which has a full keyboard and a command button area for UI navigation.

Series 90 user interface

This user interface has a high-resolution, touch-sensitive, landscape-oriented colour screen.