Find Your Nokia Phone

In this article I will try to guide you how to decide which Nokia phone is right for you. I assume you have already decided if you need a GSM or a CDMA phone.

Okey, tell me the options! Today we have Nokia phones that are simple rectangles with a screen and keypad on the front. With these low-end phones you can make calls and they have basic features like sending sms, calendar and alarm clock. As an opposite to that we have Nokia smartphones that can be compared to PDAs. They allow you to sync with the calendar on your PC, surf the Internet, read e-mail, play games, take pictures, listen to music etc. Most mid-range (Series 40) Nokia phones today have quite advanced features too.

The Nokia shop assistant may be of some help when choosing your Nokia. And here is my simple guide:

Just Calling

If you need a phone for making calls only it should not be difficult to find a Nokia that suits your needs. Look for a low-end (Series 40 model) Nokia.

With a low-end Nokia you will be able to make calls, access voicemail, and send text messages. Even the simplest Nokia usually has more to offer, including games, downloadable ringtones, calculator, calendar, address book, and alarm clock.

The price will vary, but if you buy it with a plan you get it very cheap or for free. An unlocked low-end Nokia costs around 100 $. Check for the models made for emerging markets they are usually good basic phones.

Calling and Something More

This could mean you would like to have a Nokia with a simple digital camera, a headset, radio, e-mail, web browsing or maybe Bluetooth. You can find a phone like this in Nokia´s mid-range portfolio. Note that you will have hard time finding a Nokia with all these features from the mid-range models, though. The most feature rich Nokia´s are high-end smartphones.

I Need A Smartphone

A Nokia smartphone is a Nokia with "smart" capabilities, such as PDA (Personal digital assistant) functions. Smartphones are somewhat closer to a laptop computer than a cell phone.

The key feature of a Nokia smartphone is that you can download and install additional applications and software to the phone. With a smartphone you can access email and Internet, synchronize your Nokia with your PC, listen to music, chat (instant messaging), and tailor your phone as you desire. There are numerous applications you can download and install - some more useful than others. 3G, Wi-Fi access and video phone calls are also typical smartphone features.

If you spend time away from the office and need to sync or have access to your e-mail and appointments a smartphone is a good choise.

Note that the carriers plans for smartphones (with data usage, e-mail etc.) is more expensive than a regular family plan. Also, if the smartphone supports Wi-Fi access, check to see what Wi-Fi plans are available. Some offers monthly Wi-Fi plans, but you can always take advantage of free Wi-Fi hot spots.

  • Install application and software
  • Surf Internet
  • Read email
  • All in one (no need for PDA and phone)
  • Price
  • Big
More about Nokia smartphones.

I Need A Business Phone

If you need the office in your pocket you should choose a smartphone as explained above. You should also look closer at the the Nokia Eseries family of devices. Eseries phones are targeted at the Business World. Nokia´s best selling business phones are the Nokia 9300 and Nokia 9500 Communicator.

I Want A Nokia Camera Phone

Most Nokia phones have a built-in camera, but if you are serious about taking photos you need a something more. The picture quality will be limited by the resolution, and cameras on a typical Nokia use 1.0 megapixels or less rather than the 2.0 or 3.0 megapixels common in digital cameras.

Camera phones may not be an alternative to a quality digital camera, but combined with phone features, camera phones offer real service. Right from the phone you can add text and send pictures to other phone users. If you have email on your phone you can send pictures as attachments. More about Nokia camera phones.

I Want A Nokia Music Phone

Many Nokia high-end smartphones and even mid-range phones have a built-in music player. This alone doesn´t turn the device into a music phone or something that can be compared to a portable music player like the iPod. The phone needs dedicated music features and a large storage capacity before you can call it a music phone. More about Nokia music phones.

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