Choose Your Carrier

A cell phone is no good without coverage or good service. That is why choosing the right carrier (network operator) is important! Things to consider when choosing carrier are:
  • The Network Technology: CDMA or GSM *
  • Customer service
  • Network reliability
When you have decided between GSM or CDMA you should check the available carrier options and their coverage in the area were you live and frequntly visit or travel to. Also check the roaming agreements. As an example I was in California 2005 and when moving 500 km north from there I was without coverage for a whole week.

Carrier Customer Service

The best way to find out about the quality of carrier customer service is to listen to other customers´experiences. Ask friends, co-workers and use internet discussion forums.

What I have learned from friends and family is that you can get things cheap, but cheap and good quality service seldom go hand in hand.

Network Reliability

Reception as well as network reliability varies by location and it is good to ask friends about their experinece. You do not want to have "network busy" messages or dropped calles.

Not all networks are created equal. Network quality can be bad even if a carrier claims to have coverage in the area. A good example here is the finnish archipelago were I spend my summer holidays. Now things are better "out there" and dead zones, where you canīt get service, are more uncommon.

The quality of the high-speed data network (GRPS, EDGE, UMTS) also will depend on your location.

* No iDEN Nokia phones are available