Nokia Phone Buyers Guide for US

Buying a cell phone is more than a matter of picking the latest and most feature-rich handset with a music player, huge storage capacity, excellent camera and fast operating system. Before you start your shopping process it is important for you to know what your needs are and if you are willing to change carrier or buy an unlocked Nokia to get what you want.

Not all Nokia phones work with all wireless operators everywhere in the world.

If you do not want to change carrier or plan the shopping procedure is quite simple - surf to your carriers web page and see what they have to offer and then buy the phone.

Bying The Latest Nokia

If you are looking for the latest models and need a special plan things get more complicated and also more expensive. As you might know carriers offer different models and none of them have all available Nokia phones for sale. You could find the Nokia phone that suits your need via a carrier, but sometimes you have to go and find an unlocked one.

To find the right Nokia to buy you can use services like the Nokia shop assistant. Many online web stores like also have their own phone finder services.

Choosing Carrier

Choosing the right carrier is the critical factor and that is why it is important for you to know what your needs are and how they fit it with the various carriers' offerings.

Things to consider when choosing carrier:
  • The Network Technology: CDMA orGSM *
  • Customer service
  • Network reliability
* No iDEN Nokia phones are available.

The Network Technology
Wireless carriers in the US operate over 3 different networks:
  • CDMA - Code Division Multiple Access
  • GSM - Global System for Mobile Communication
  • iDEN - Integrated Digital Enhanced Network
Generally speaking, CDMA carriers have better coverage in the US, but not in Europe were GSM is the standard. iDEN is used only by Nextel in the US. Some big carriers use GSM and smaller regional carriers usually use CDMA.

If you travel a lot, a tri- or quad-band GSM world phone is the best choice. Look for GSM 900/1800/1900 or GSM 850/900/1800/1900 when shopping a world phone.

3G and Data Transfer
Another issue, maybe not that important, to remember is how carriers are rolling out their third-generation (3G) data networks and services.