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Nokia 6630 cell phone reviews. I used Google and found some good Nokia 6630 reviews. Most reviewers give the Nokia 6630 high scores - the phone propably is one of the best smartphones available today.

One thing that many reviews have in common is that they dislike the memory standard for the phone. The phones RS-MMC slot only accepts 1.8 Volt cards - previously purchased RS-MMC cards may not be compatible with the 6630.

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The online cell phone review magazine Infosync worlds conclusion of the Nokia 6630 was that "As Nokia's first 3G smartphone, the 6630 has us impressed. An excellent camera, blazing connectivity speeds, above-par ergonomics and a good amount of memory make for a highly enjoyable experience. Old synchronization woes remain uncorrected, however, and an RS-MMC incompatibility issue is sure to have upgrading users riled. Still, the 6630 remains a quality piece of craftsmanship, and with comparable 2G counterparts being only marginally cheaper, it's an outright steal.

Positive: Admirable ergonomics; quality connectivity; great camera

Negative: Potential RS-MMC issues; battery life expectedly so-so

With a rating of 89 % the Nokia 6630 holds firts place for smartphones on
According to gsmarena review the "Nokia 6630 is an excellent camera phone. Pictures which you get with it are better than those taken with other camera phones. Only Sony Ericsson S700 stands a step ahead of Nokia 6630 phone. Sony Ericsson's adds a lot of settings possibilities and the pictures are of a better quality. On the other hand Nokia is a first-class for normal shooting without artistic ambitions. With Sony Ericsson you have to learn how to make a photo with the best results possible."
"The final conclusion about Nokia 6630 is that it's the best smartphone without a touchscreen. Its absence brings some limitations to the phone but Nokia 6630 has no any real alternatives in its class and they won't appear in the nearest future."

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