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My Nokia N95 Review

Nokia N95

My wife really needed a new phone so I gave her my Nokia N70 and got myself a new phone. Ok, lets call it a gadget or should I say device? Anyway compared to the N70 my new phone, a Nokia N95 has a lot of new features and cannot be called a phone only. It has a 5 megapixel camera, GPS, WiFi (WLAN) and a lot of other nice features.

Operating System
The Nokia N95 runs the latest version of the Symbian OS (S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1). Compared to previous versions or editions of the Symbian OS the updates are quite small - you get a new version of S60 web browser with some new features like improved RSS and Flash Lite support. Also support for more Bluetooth profiles (A2DP stereo audio profile). The UI (user interface) has some small changes too - a notification graphic over the icons of applications that are open. Overall feeling for me is a faster and more stable device than previous Nokias I used.

N95 camera
The camera has 5 megapixels, uses Carl Zeiss optics and has a lens cover (good!). The camera has a lot of extra settings, but I have used only the standard ones. Settings include 4 ISO settings, contrast and sharpness adjustment. Look here for Nokia N95 pictures (from Flickr)

The usability of the device is ok. If you are used to a Nokia smartphone there is now big news when it comes to the operating system, desktop shortcuts etc. The device uses the Symbian OS (operating system) and technical specs are S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1. The keyboard is large enough and the five way navigation works better than on some old Nokia models.

When you pull down the top of the N95 you can see the multimedia controls and as you see from the picture below these include forward, pause / play, stop and rewerse to control the Music Player. This could be handy, but I must admit that I have been using only the preinstalled music player and the default controls in that player.

The speaker output on the N95 is suprisingly good for such a small device. We used my N95 as a "jukebox" at our companys spring party when we forgot to our gettoblaster at home. The has a a 3.5mm standrad audio jack - Great! The microSD card slot takes cards up to 2GB in size.

I say: Compared to my previous phone (Nokia N70) the N95 is more future packed, but of course much more expensive. The other cons are short battery life and the FM radio quality. At least the radio on my N95 has more "channel noise" than my N70 radio.

Compared to my previous phone the pros of this device is the quality camera and video capture, GPS and WLAN (WiFi). Despite all these features the device is not as big as one could expect. Also some of the features like the GPS require a bigger display which automatically makes the device bigger.

More info: Nokia N95

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