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Nokia E50 Review

Nokia E50

The Nokia E50 is the newest addition to the Nokiaīs Eseries business device range. Itīs a small sized traditional candybar-style quad-band smartphone with features like Infrared, Bluetooth, USB, EDGE and sophisticated e-mail support. You can have this affordable handset with or without the 1.3 megapixel camera.

The first things that caught my attention was the high class material used, the bright display and the thin and ergonomic shape. Like the Nokia E60 the E50 is a very solid phone and has no gaps between parts. The battery cover is made of real metal! I agree with gsmarena when they say "the phone seems unbreakable".

Quite small in size, thin and elegant!

Nokia E50 size compared to Nokia N70

All the Eseries devices all pretty much the same when it comes to technical specifications, performance and software. The biggest differences are in shape, display size, camera and connectivity. The E50 is the cheapest Eseries device without QWERTY keyboard and a 16 million color display like the E61 and E70 and it lacks WLAN (WiFi), Internet calls over WLAN (Voip) and 3G (UMTS).

Nokia E50 keyboard

I decided not to post every technical detail about the E50 here. For further reading about phone specs visit the official Nokia E50 site.

Hereīs a list of E50 pros and cons:

Pros and key features
- Price
- Good display
- Lightweight and thin
- Solid, good construction
- Good HTMl browser
- 1.3 megapixel camera with QCIF video
- Bluetooth, USB and Infrared
- 70 MB internal memory
- microSD memory card slot

- No 3G
- No WiFi
- No radio

What else
The E50 is a businessphone and has a lot of useful "business features" and I recommend you look at the E50 web page for more details about the advanced e-mail support, Microsoft Office document and Adobe (.pdf) support and more. The E50 also has a new application called Teams that brings basic team working to your phone. The Teams application allows you to set up a team with people from your adress book. You can then set up conference calls, send group messages, use push to talk (Walkie Talkie / PoC) between team members, and share web bookmarks.

I say: If you are looking for an small and affordable businessphone and WiFi and 3G isnīt that important I recommend taking a closer look at the Nokia E50. Many reviews predict that this device will be the next Eseries bestseller. And I would like to point out that this phone is not only for business users. If you have been looking at the Nokia 6233 why not take a closer look at the E50? The E50 will give you a lot more and the price is nearly the same (the 6233 is faster (not a smartphone) and has a better camera, though).


E50 Video Review
I will add my E50 video review here...


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