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My Nokia E61 Hands on Review

Nokia E61 Hands on Review

Exactly 1 year ago Nokia announced a new Nokia Family, The Eseries devices, targeted at the Business World. The new family included three members, the Nokia E60, Nokia E61 and Nokia E70. All have 3G (UMTS) and WLAN with advanced voice services and mobile email applications.

I must say this device convinced me with its large keyboard, bright display and WLAN. This is a device that makes emailing and surfing a lot easier. If the E61 would have a camera and a radio this could be my device.

Bigger than for instance the Nokia N70, but thatīs the idea. A big screen and easy to use keyboard.

Nokia E61

The Nokia E61 is a S60 platform third edition device with qwerty keyboard and "blackberry look" targeting business users in the european market. In september 2006 Cingular announced a similar device, the E62 for the US market (without WiFi and 3G?). You should be able to use the E61 with a US GSM provider like Cingular and T-Mobile.

The E61 user interface with short cuts to favorite applications is something all Nokia smartphones have. The only difference is the bigger screen.

E61 user interface

Nokia E61 in Business use
The E61 has a large QVGA display, QWERTY thumb keyboard, solid smartphone OS, WiFi (WLAN), Bluetooth and push email that support BlackBerry Connect, GoodLink, Seven and Visto.

Software on the E61 includes a Office suite that allows you to view, edit, and create Word documents, Excel spreadsheets (with charts), and PowerPoint presentations.

The phone also has some pre-installed basic GPS application named the Positions, Navigator and Landmarks applications that gives you location, speed, altitude, and basic trip data when paired with a Bluetooth GPS device.

Nokia E61 navigator and GPS

The E61 is a quad band world phone with EDGE and "Euro-3G", which is not compatible with US 3G (UMTS). The phone supports the 850/900/1800/1900 MHz bands with GPRS, EDGE and 3G (UMTS) and will automatically use EDGE and GPRS if EDGE or 3G aren't available. Note that this is on the 2100MHz band used in Europe but not in the US.

Nokia E61 voip, wlan, bluetooth...

WiFi is a 802.11b/g radio (54 Mbit/s) that support WEP encryption (64 and 128 bit), WPA, 802.1x, SIP and VoIP. The device supports multiple connections over WiFi and you can use the browser and Messaging simultaneously. Picking up my neibours WiFi connection through the wall was easy! Bluetooth is version 1.2 with support for BIP-ImagePush, DUN-GW (Dial-up Networking), file transfer/FTP, HandsFree-AG, Headset-AG, OBEX, OPP-Client and OPP-Server (Object Push), SIM Access-Server.

Under the Hood
The E61 has a Texas Instruments OMAP 235 MHz CPU (ARM compatible) processor according to some sources and a ARM9 processor (206 MHz) according to other. Anyway, when reading other E61 reviews most people seem to share the view that the E61 OS is stable and faster than previous versions. The phone has 64 megabytes (75 megabytes?) of flash memory available for storage and 22.5 megabytes of free RAM to run programs. The E61 can of course run out of memory, but does this less often than other S60 devices.

E61 Battery Life
The E61 is powered by a large Nokia BP-5L 1500 mAh Lithium Ion battery and this is really needed due to the large display, WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G etc. Thanks to the bigger than normal battery the device has good battery life that last 2 to 3 days with normal use. According to Nokia the E61 provides up to 11 days of standby time.

Video comments and review

We say: After using this device for two weeks I would go for this device and not for a Nokia Communicator (the traditional Nokia business phone). I really like the bigger screen and the easy to use keyboard. Todays standard smartphones like the Nseries have advanced features, but the device itself isnīt built for browsing or emailing. The E61 is!

No camera and that makes the phone much thinner.

Nokia E61


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