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Extra Lens for your Camera Phone

Extra Lens for your Camera Phone
Are these extra plastic lenses for camera phones that you can get for 10 euros any good? If you asked me this question last month I would have said they are just toys and worthless. Now I say they are definitely worth the 10 euros though they might be toys (I ordered my from an finnish online gadget store). Letīs have a look at the photos I took.

This is how the macro lens looks like.

Camera Phone

A real close up picture of a matchbox taken with my Nokia N70 (2 megapixel camera) and the extra macro lens.

Macro lens for cell phone

I think the picture quality is great. With the standard N70 camera you cannot shoot photos like this (this close).

Lens for your Nokia Phone


The lens package included to lenses. The pictures below are taken with the fisheye lens (wide-angle lens). You can get quite funny or artistic pictures with a fisheye lens.

Nokia Phone extra lens

Camera Phone FishEye lens

Hereīs how a close up photo with the N70 looks like. Can you see the text? The next photo is taken with the extra macro lens.

Nokia N70 macro

N70 and the macro lens.

Camera Phone macro lens Nokia N70

We say: Definitely worth the 10 euros! I bought my lens from an European online gadget store, but found some similar lenses at Amazon for 8 $. Go and get them!

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