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Nokia 6103 Hands on Review

Nokia 6103 Hands on Review

I have been using Nokia smartphones for some years and was astonished and impressed by the the usability and simplicity of the Nokia 6103 clamshell. The Nokia 6103 is a follow up model of the popular 6101. Apart from the added Bluetooth connectivity and the new material used there are no other changes worth mentioning.
Nokia 6103 phone features an updated modern look but retains the compact size and exceptional ease-of-use that made the Nokia 6101 phone such a hit with customers. Nokia

Keypad, User Interface and Usability
The Nokia 6103 user interface is easy to understand and use. The main display is an active TFT display that supports up to 65,536 colors (128 x 160 pixels). The external mini display supports up to 4,096 colors (96 x 65 pixels). The main menu is vertical list with small icon specifying each item.

Nokia 6103 user interface

The phone has a five-way navigation key with select key in the middle and configurable right and left soft keys. The keypads has a blue backlight also. The keypad and buttons are bigger than on most other phones and this improves usability. When dialing or messaging, you will not have misprints like I have when using the N70.

Nokia 6103 cell phone features

The Nokia 6103 fits nicely into one’s palm, and the phone is quite easy to open it with one hand. Case is made of quality proof plastic, with a rougher case surface than on the 6101 (surface easily soiled).
Nokia 6103 clamshell

The 6103 camera is a VGA camera (resolution 640 x 480 pixels) good enough for taking snapshots with, but in no way is it an alternative even to the cheapest digi camera.

The phone has a dedicated camera button and you can also use the small external display to take self-portraits. Camera settings are standard, portrait, and night mode and three image-quality options are available: high, normal, basic. The phone also has a video recorder (3GPP spec, MPEG-4, H.263 video and AMR audio packed in .3gp format, if that tells you something).

You can use MP3 tracks, polyphonic ringtones and True Tones as ringtones. The phone also supports themes, wallpapers, graphics, icons, animations, logos and games.

What else
4.2 MB memory is available for contacts, text messages, multimedia messages, images, calendar notes and applications. I did not check the exact talk and stanby time, but according to Nokia talk time is 2- 4 hours and standy time 150 - 350 hours.

Nokia 6103 phone features

Nokia 6103
* VGA camera
* Nokia Xpress audio messaging, email, and MMS
* Bluetooth
* Infrared
* USB with Pop-Port
* Two color displays: 128 x 160 pixel internal display and external mini display
* Video recording
* FM stereo radio
* XHTML browser
* E-mail client (IMAP4, POP3, SMTP - TCP/IP based), email via SMS
* Tri-band GSM coverage on up to 5 continents (GSM 850/1800/1900 and 900/1800/1900)
* Vibrating alert
* Voice dialing
* Voice commands
* Voice recording
* Integrated handsfree speaker
* Alarm clock
* Notes
* Calendar
* To-do list
* Stopwatch
* Countdown timer

We say: This is no Razr and some people wont like the bulky external antenna, but if you plan to buy a basic Nokia clamshell this could be your new phone. The price here in Finland is about 180 euros. I guess itīs worth paying 20 euros * for the bluetooth and the new rougher material.

* the older 6101 costs 160 euros

P.S. The Nokia 6102i for Americass is also a relatively new phone and is an updtae for the 6102. I did not review the Nokia 6102i, but I guess it has the same functionality as the Nokia 6103.

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