Hi! About Nokia is an independent web site offering Nokia related information and news. Our focus is Nokia phones. We review and write about Nokia cell phones, accessories, software and about simple tips & tricks that makes living easier in a world full of technical gadgets like cell phones. We will keep you up to date with Nokia related news. We will also write about the every day usage of Nokia cell phones and about useful Nokia related tips and tricks.

Why? The are already hundreds of "cell phone blogs" out there and some of them are very good. We thought that we wouldn´t have that much to ad up. But there is no (? - tell us if you find one) news site that is Nokia specific and that would have the same approach as we do.

My name is Nicolas Fogelholm, founder of this web site. I come from Nokialand (Finland) and my fathers fathers fathers brother worked at Nokia between 1895 - 1940. My email is nfogelholm (gmail).

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